About Diabetes Distress Scale (DDS)

This questionaire is 17 questions long and covers the Legacy Diabetes Distress Scale

DIRECTIONS: Living with diabetes can be tough. Listed below are a variety of distressing things that many people with diabetes experience. Thinking back over the past month, please indicate the degree to which each of the following may have been a problem for you by circling the appropriate number. For example, if you feel that a particular item was not a problem for you over the past month, you would circle “1“. If it was very tough for you over the past month, you might circle “6“.

Not a Problem
A Slight Problem
A Moderate Problem
Somewhat Serious Problem
A Serious Problem
A Very Serious Problem

5. Feeling that my doctor doesn't give me clear enough directions on how to manage my diabetes.

9. Feeling that friends or family are not supportive enough of self-care efforts (e.g. planning activities that conflict with my schedule, encouraging me to eat the "wrong" foods).

13. Feeling that friends or family don't appreciate how difficult living with diabetes can be.