This questionaire is 21 questions long and covers Type 2 Diabetes Distress

DIRECTIONS: Living with diabetes can be tough. Listed below are many of the stresses and worries that people with diabetes often experience. Thinking back over the past month, please indicate how much each of the following items were a problem for you by marking the appropriate column. For example, if an item was not a problem for you over the past month, place a mark in the first column: “Not a Problem” (1). If it was a very tough problem for you, place a mark in the last column: “A Very Serious Problem” (5).

Not a Problem
A Slight Problem
A Moderate Problem
A Serious Problem
A Very Serious Problem

1. I worry that I won’t be able to pay for my diabetes care, medicines or supplies.

2. When it comes to family and friends, it disappoints me that I am pretty much on my own with diabetes.

3. I am scared that I might have a serious low glucose event when I am out in public.

5. When it comes to medical care, it upsets me that I am mostly on my own with diabetes.

8. It upsets me that I’m not really heard or understood by my healthcare provider.

10. I can’t escape this sinking feeling that diabetes is eventually going to get me.

12. It upsets me that people in my life think less of me because I have diabetes.

13. It frustrates me that people in my life tempt me to eat foods or do things that are not good for my diabetes.

14. I often feel ashamed or embarrassed when other people know about my diabetes.

16. No matter what I do, I fear that serious complications from diabetes will happen to me.

17. I worry about how hard it is get to my healthcare appointments or pharmacy.

20. It upsets me that my healthcare provider seems to care more about my glucose levels than about me as a person.

21. It hurts me that many people in my life don’t understand what living with diabetes is really like.