What is the T2-DDAS?

  • The T2-DDAS is a self-report survey that has 29 items.
  • The T2-DDAS is in English and in Spanish.
  • The scale asks you to rate each of the 29 items from 1 to 5, from "not a problem" to "a very serious problem."
  • There are instructions on the top of the scale to help you get started.

What happens after I complete the 29 items?

The website will score your completed survey for you.

You will receive a summary report of the results, which can be downloaded as a pdf.

The report will give you several scores:

  • CORE: A total score that reflects your CORE level of diabetes distress.
  • SOURCES: These scores will show your level of diabetes distress from seven common sources of distress.
  • On the last page of the report you will also see your scores on each item in the CORE and seven SOURCES scales. These scores will help you to identify very specific areas of distress.

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